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Door seal - Sauter - Fridge & freezer

Spares on Web has Door seal and other spare parts for Sauter Fridge & freezer. We offer quick delivery of spare parts, and the few parts we don't have in stock, we're often able to procure. Therefore, we can deliver Door seal to you in just a few days. Whatever Sauter Fridge & freezer spare part you need, you've come to the right place to find it!

If you can't find the Sauter Fridge & freezer Door seal you need, please contact us – we're here to help and guide you! Please remember to provide as much information as possible from the Sauter Fridge & freezer nameplate.

  • Freezer door seal, Sauter fridge & freezer
    Be aware that if the door seal in your Sauter refrigerator or freezer simply does not close tightly, it will rarely help to replace the door seal, as the problem will reoccur after short time. Instead, straighten the door and heat the door seal with, for example, a hair dryer. Close the door tightly and leave the refrigerator or freezer closed for 10-12 hours, after which the door seal will again have taken shape after the cabinet and close tightly. If the door seal is cracked, punctured or otherwise defective, a replacement of the door seal will usually solve the problem.
    The product is only suitable for models with Art-no. as listed after the dash.

    DA232 - 196230
    DA2762E - 285863
    DVA28 - 132468
    DVA28 - 255603
    DVA282 - 283159

    and other models…
    In stock. Del 2-3 work days.
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  • Freezer door seal, Sauter fridge & freezer - 630 mm x 515 mm
    Door seal for Sauter freezer door
    The product is only suitable for models with Art-no. as listed after the dash.

    Height - 630 mm
    Width - 515 mm

    CVA30 - 131095

    and other models…
    Preorder - del. 3-4 work days.
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  • Refrigerator door seal, Sauter fridge & freezer
    The listed price is for 1 pc.


    and other models…
    Only 1 left!
    Del. 2-3 work days. Read more.

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