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Your can track your parcel via GLS Track & trace service

Please note that it can take up to 36 hours before your parcel has been registered and your able to track it.

This is how we'll keep you informed about your parcel

  • When you've placed your order you'll receive an order confirmation
  • When we've shipped the parcel you'l receive an email containing an invoice. A tracking number will be specified on the invoice
  • When the parcel is ready for pickup you'll receive an SMS and an email specifying the parcel number.

This is how you track your parcel

The parcel number contains 11 digits and begins with 9. With this number you're able to see how far along your order has come - please note that it can take up to 36 hours, from when you receive the invoice till you're able to track the parcel.

  • Professional oven cleaner (500 ml)
    A true favorite from the Professional series! This oven cleaner is one of our absolute top sellers. And no wonder! It is extremely effective at dissolving baked-on grease and burnt-on food debris.

    No more scrubbing and using hours of cleaning the oven. Once you've tried our effective oven cleaner, you will never go back.

    The oven cleaner can also be used for BBQ cleaning.
    In stock. Del 2-3 work days.
    Read more.

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